sc22wg5 e-mail list - index for 2023

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Dates are those recorded by the mailserver, which uses Central European Time,
and do not necessarily coincide with the dates in the messages themselves.
Messages are stored in their raw source form, including full headers, so
depending on browser options those which include attachments may need
decoding in order to display properly.

This index is not continuously updated.  Click here to see the number of
the most recent message.  To see a message not listed above, use<message number>. Missing sequence
numbers (e.g. 6148) relate to spurious messages (spam) that entered the
mailserver via a hacked entry and were allotted a sequence number but were
trapped by the whitelist system and not distributed.

The full list of message subjects from 1991 is available as a single text file
(ca 310KB).  This is up-to-date but does not have links to the messages
themselves, includes spam and sometimes truncates long subject lines.

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