Fortran 2018

Fortran 2018 is the revision of the standard currently in development. Previously it was called Fortran 2015. (See N2144 for discussion of the name change.) Fortran 2008 is the current standard.

Development Schedule

This is the current development schedule for Fortran 2018. See the Glossary for definitions of terms.

  • CD determined 2017-06
  • CD ballot initiated 2017-07
  • CD ballot results available 2017-09
  • DIS constructed 2017-12
  • DIS ballot initiated 2017-12
  • DIS ballot results available 2018-06
  • FDIS constructed 2018-07
  • FDIS ballot initiated 2018-09
  • FDIS ballot results available 2018-11 (Approved)
  • Standard published 2018-12

Selected Documents

  • N2161 The New Features of Fortran 2018 (Reid - Replaces N2145)
  • N2159 Fortran 2018 Final Draft International Standard (Cohen - not a public document due to ISO copyright rules)
  • N2153 Disposition of Comments on the Fortran 2018 DIS (Lionel)
  • N2144 Results of Straw Poll on Changes to the Fortran Draft Standard (Lionel)
  • N2141 ISO IEC CD 1539-1.2 - Collated Comments on 2nd CD Ballot
  • N2140 Summary of Voting on 2nd CD 1539-1, Information technology -- Programming languages -- Fortran -- Part 1: Base language

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