Fortran 2023

Fortran 2023 is the informal title of the revision of the Fortran standard after Fortran 2018. Previously it was referred to as Fortran 202X. Fortran 2018 is the current standard.

Development Schedule

This is the current development schedule (see N2185) for Fortran 2023. See the Glossary for definitions of terms.

  • Started planning further revision 2017-06
  • Choose issues that need attention 2018-06
  • Preliminary choice of technical content 2019-08
  • Final choice of technical content 2021-06
  • CD constructed 2021-12
  • CD ballot initiated 2022-01
  • CD ballot results available 2022-03
  • DIS constructed 2022-04
  • DIS ballot initiated 2022-07
  • DIS ballot results available 2022-12
  • DIS revised 2023-01
  • FDIS constructed 2023-02
  • FDIS ballot initiated 2023-03
  • FDIS ballot results available 2023-05
  • Standard published 2023-07

Selected Documents

  • N2187 Minutes from the June 2021 WG5 Meeting (Muxworthy)
  • N2169 Minutes of the August 2019 Meeting in Tokyo (Reid - includes work list vote results)
  • N2147 Fortran 202X Feature Survey Results - Final (Lionel)

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