23 June 2018
New Documents
  • N2156 Business Plan and Convenor's Report for WG5 (Lionel)
  • N2154 Strategic Plan for WG5 (Lionel)
  • N2153 Disposition of Comments on the Fortran 2018 DIS (Lionel)
  • N2152 Resolutions of the 2018 WG5 Meeting (Muxworthy)
  • N2151 Preliminary Local Arrangements for the Tokyo 2019 Meeting (Takata)
9 February 2018
New Documents
  • N2150 Berkeley 2018 Preliminary Agenda (Lionel)
  • N2149 WG5 Fortran Standards Committee 2018 Guest House Booking Instructions (Rouson)
  • N2148 Berkeley 2018 Meeting Announcement (Lionel)
6 February 2018
New Documents
  • N2147 Fortran 202X Feature Survey Results - Final (Lionel)
12 January 2018
New Documents
  • N2145 Summary of Fortran 2018 (Reid)
Older News

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